Deal with Relationship Stress with Blyss Body Butter

Coaching women who want amazing relationships is my passion but I also handle my business.   Blyss Body Butter (100% organic calming cream) is for those of you who are stressed out in your relationship, losing sleep, and feel anxious.   It’s also for those of...

Come See Me Speak Women’s Empowerment Event

Are you craving support from women business owners like you? Tired of feeling alone in your quest to be an entrepreneur? Want to hear from women you admire in business? Tomorrow night you should really be there. Plus it’s free! Plus plus! I’m speaking and...

I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through

Battered by victim mentality, blamed mom, unwed mother, date raped, abusive #marriage, two divorces, homeless, chronically/ clinically #depressed, #health issues brought on by extreme #stressful life (premature ovarian failure/ premature menopause), bankrupt, 20-year...

Are You a Fabulous Bag Lady in Relationships?

Looking good on the outside is no substitute for emotional protection and support inside of your relationship. Too many women walk around looking fabulous on the outside but feel like emotional bag ladies on the inside; they push around a cart of old hurts, rejection,...

Communication is Critical in Successful Relationships

It may be kind of cheesy to have matching headsets but that’s how we roll. 😜 If you are not communicating with your sweetie you are missing out on a rich experience. We are not perfect in ours but we are getting better each day. We share our day, have chats...

Journal Write the Life and Relationship You Want

Back in February of 2011 I wrote this in my journal; my thoughts, feelings, and desires. In March 2012, I began writing my book, No More Crumbs and self-published it in October 2012. Around late January or early February 2013 Leonard, my sweetie walked in my church...

Download the Free No More Crumbs Ebook Edition Now!

What is No More Crumbs all about? It's about no longer accepting relationships that don't make you feel loved, attractive, cherished, and respected. Everyday millions of women tolerate bad or indifferent behaviors from men that equates to accepting crumbs when you could have the entire banquet. So now it's time for women to adopt the No More Crumbs mantra. You deserve a man's:
  • Time
  • Attention
  • Support
  • Exclusivity
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • ...and Love!

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