Coaching Cafe

Hello cupcake,

I have noticed you noticing me. You are following me and liking what I have been putting out. You watch my videos, have taken my courses, and/or read my books. I’m happy you have consumed what I have offered, but have you met the man of your dreams or been getting dates with quality men? Are you feeling fulfilled or frustrated? Is it time for you to take your love life to the next level.

Being a single woman in the world today feels hard sometimes. We have a love-hate relationship with dating and sometimes men. But this is normal and not worth beating yourself up about. To change all this you only need to change the shades (perspective) you are wearing. Instead of wearing cheap, generic shades, is time to switch to Ray-Bans or Gucci. The fit is better and they look so good on you! Love truly looks good on you and I want to help get you there.

In coaching with me, you will get my very best. You will have ah-ha moments. You will tap into your joy, your confidence, and your irresistible inner and outer beauty. You will be filled with hope and possibilities; your heart will sing. You will experience such a transformation that you cannot help attracting an amazing, quality man who actually fights for you. Wouldn’t that be amazing!

  • Are you ready for this level of living loved?
  • What would your life look like a year from now?
  • Will you be in the same frustrated place?
  • Will you have an amazing lineup of men all waiting to claim you as their own?

This Program is for Women Like You

If you’re committed to being coached through this process, seeing the results, and getting the support and accountability then this is for you.

This Program is Not for Women Like You

On the other hand if you:

  • Are content to struggle
  • Don’t like listening, learn, and procrastinate this is not for you
  • Are stuck in a cycle of self loathing, complaining, and blaming this is not for you.
  • Want to believe your prince will magically come on a white steed and believe you do not have to prepare for what you want this is not for you.
  • Think coaching is too expensive but you were willing to spend hundreds on weave, MK purses, and your drinks at the club this is not for you.
  • Hate men and your daddy, ex, brother, uncle, this is not for you.

If you were ready for new life filled with love and amazing man, sign up now and let’s get started. Make this year the best year of your life ever!

A Different Kind of Coaching Experience

I would like to coach you through this next level of your love life so you can be ready for the love of your life to show up. I would like to train you to be clear, confident, and uncompromising when it comes to what you want in a man and relationship. I want to guide you and answer your burning questions. I want to shorten your learning curve and celebrate when you get massive results.

I work with you one-on-one and create a customized experience for you. I do not believe one size fits all in love and relationships. I will listen to your frustrations, empathize, then create a program you will absolutely love!

  • We will work and play. We will laugh and dance, get angry then get real about the unfairness of it all.
  • We will schedule a photo shoot complete with image consulting from my friends. You will get hair, makeup, and wardrobe recommendations.
  • You will learn how to get through those awkward first date conversations. You will learn what to say and what not to say. You will do it all while being authentically you and without compromising yourself.
  • You will get confidence training, because, let’s face it, we all have had our hearts broken, our trust trampled on, and our self-esteem bruised. We need confidence to get back up and try again.
  • You will learn the secrets to manifesting love and a healthy relationship without stress and struggle. You will literally learn how to sit back and let love flow!

Are You Ready to Transform Your Love Life?

If you are ready sign up now and let’s do this OK. I’m opening up 10 VIP coaching slots. The investment is $2500 for a three month program or $5500 for a six-month program. You can pay in full or choose a 3 or 5 payment plan.

The application is ready for you now. I will review it then schedule a phone call with you to discuss the details. After that the next step is submitting the payment information and scheduling our weekly sessions.

I’m so excited for this journey that you’re about to embark on and I’m happy to be a part of that. I look forward to sharing these new experiences with you take care and God bless.


P.S. We often want men to spend lots of money on us. We want them to wine and dine us. We want the very best, but are you willing to invest in yourself?

Here is a secret I’m going to share with you; men look at the money they spend on you as an investment. They do it because they think you are worthy of the investment. If you have been dating guys who are not willing to invest time and money in you it might be because you do not believe you are worthy or you have not raised your value.

This coaching program is one of a kind. You will not find it anywhere else so practice investing in yourself, raise your worth, and start attracting quality men who love spending their time with you and their money on you!