Cake Connoisseur Level – Option 3

Purpose: Love and Marriage Magnet

Ideal Client: The woman who is ready for a relationship and willing to dig deep and create a vision for the relationship she wants!

 You have done the work on yourself and now you are ready to take your life and relationship to another level. Becoming a Cake Connoisseur means you have learned how to connect with yourself and with the man in your life. In this coaching program you will dig deep and create a vision for the relationship you want. You are ready for a long-term relationship and/or marriage.

You might be divorced, widowed, or simply at a point in your life where you know your life will be more fulfilled with a loving, devoted partner.

In this 6-month program you will learn how to

  • Visualize your ideal relationship/partner

  • Recognize the quality man for you

  • Tap into your feminine power and become a positive force in life

This is a 8-week program that will take dedication to reach your goals. You deserve the experience of making sure your cake is the best representation of you. All the ingredients must be the perfect temperature, the oven must be preheated just right, and you must mix all the ingredients to the right consistency. The pan must be well oiled and floured; and the right amount of time must pass before you begin to smell the inviting aroma of the cake you so lovingly baked.

The program cost is less than a dollar a day which is much less expensive than paying a therapist $150 an hour for the next three years. With the money you save you can buy those new shoes you’ve had your eye one knowing you will be going out in style on the arm of a quality man who is 100% into only you! You have nothing to lose and satisfaction is guaranteed or I will refund your money.

Sign up today to begin your journey of becoming a Cake Connoisseur! This small investment today is worth a lifetime of love isn’t it?

You will receive all the benefits of the previous levels + a weekly phone call and unlimited email support.

To begin your process of becoming a Cake Connoisseur, click the button below. You have the choice to make one payment of $950 ($100 discount) or three payments of $350 each.

Option 1: $950

Option 2: $350 (billed 30 days apart)

Curriculum: Deep dive into the No More Crumbs book

  • Visualize ideal relationship/partner
  • Quality man recognition
  • Woman power and internal work

Delivery Method: All previous methods + Weekly phone call, unlimited email support

Length: 8-Weeks

Investment: $950 full payment or $350 payable in three installments

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