Purpose: Self-Esteem Builder

Ideal Client Profile: For the woman just out of a crummy relationship who wants to learn how to choose better men.

Have you been on another crummy date? Just break up with your boyfriend for the 10-millionth time? You’re smart, sexy, and successful so why do you keep attracting crummy guys?

Well you don’t have to live like that anymore. You are one step away from understanding why you may be attracting crummy guys, and toxic relationships and be experiencing heartache. The heartache may be dull or it may throb. It doesn’t matter which level it is, all that matters is discovering how to stop it.

In the No More Crumbs coaching cafe you will learn the 10 reasons crummy guys take up your precious time and space.

In this six-week group program you will learn:

  • The secrets to spotting a bad date or relationship in 5 minutes flat. With this technique you will never have to waste another Saturday night on a soul-sucking date.
  • You will also learn how to recover from a bad dating experience in less time.
  • Finally, you will discover where to find the cream of the crop of men who are eager to please you.

When you decide to enter the coaching cafe you will have access to a private membership area, audio coaching, a weekly article, and personalized email support once a week where you can ask any question you have to get you on the path to dating quality men.

The program cost is less than a dollar a day which is much less expensive than paying a therapist $150 an hour for the next three years. With the money you save you can buy those new shoes you’ve had your eye one knowing you will be going out in style on the arm of a quality man who is 100% into only you! You have nothing to lose and satisfaction is guaranteed or I will refund your money.

To begin your process of becoming a No More Crumbs Lady click the button below. You have the choice to make one payment of $350 ($100 discount) or three payments of $150 each.

Option 1: $350

Option 2: $150 (billed 30 days apart)

Use and expand content  from the 10 Reasons You Might be Attracting Crummy Relationships

Delivery Method: private site (membership), exclusive articles, teleconference recordings, Facebook group, 60 min weekly Q&A call

Length: 6 weeks

Price point: $350 in full or $150 payable in two installments