Battered by victim mentality, blamed mom, unwed mother, date raped, abusive #marriage, two divorces, homeless, chronically/ clinically #depressed, #health issues brought on by extreme #stressful life (premature ovarian failure/ premature menopause), bankrupt, 20-year dead-end #relationship rejection, thought I was unloveable. Today I live fully in the #love and grace of God. He is faithful and has opened up my life to amazing love, opportunities, and peace. The self-imposed struggle is over! Thank God! What will your story be next year? The same as today? What will you do differently? How will you get there? Struggling in the dark or allowing someone who has been where you are to show you a better way to get through the struggle and become a better version of yourself? Is it #worth it to go another year in hiding, struggle, and self-sabotaging behavior? You don’t have to do this alone. Get a therapist or a #coach. Just get help. Blessings! from Instagram: