Back in February of 2011 I wrote this in my journal; my thoughts, feelings, and desires.
In March 2012, I began writing my book, No More Crumbs and self-published it in October 2012. Around late January or early February 2013 Leonard, my sweetie walked in my church and sat next to me. We connected spiritually but didn’t start officially dating until two years later in February 2015!
I’m sharing this to show you the power of writing down what you desire and getting real, authentic, and straight up honest with yourself and God about what you really want. He will honor your honesty and conspire with you to manifest it in your life. You must not give up.
I didn’t know the path my life would take after I wrote in my journal. I just put it out there and my dreams, requests, and desires came true. There is power in your words. They are living and do not return void. So be careful to speak only words that are powerful, true, and loving to yourself and to others. They will come back to you.
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