Using Left Brain (Male-centric) Logic Instead of Right-Brain Feminine Flavor


The woman that tries to be logical (like a man) instead of emotional (thinking with her head instead of her heart) falls for the wrong guy every time. She plans what she will say, what she will wear, what she will eat, how she will sit, all in a calculated effort to impress a man.

She is always in her head about everything and rarely considers her heart. The reality is, she is naturally emotional but has been taught to stifle that part of herself for fear it is a sign of weakness.

But haven’t you noticed that women who freely express their feelings have less stress and fewer illnesses? They don’t bottle up their emotions and live in silent rage or despair. They aren’t depressed. They get the support they need.

I challenge women to get emotional for a day, a week, a month and see how it makes them feel and to see how many real men notice or come to their aid.

Cry at a movie, coo over a baby or puppy, break out into giggles over something funny, get righteously indignant over an injustice…feel your feelings.

There is a difference between being an emotional basketcase and emotionally free. Choose freedom and watch the quality men appear. This is all a part of your power as a woman. Indulge yourself!