This is the first picture my sweetie and I took together. We were at a single’s luncheon with a few of our friends. It was a potluck so I cooked collard greens and maybe another dish. It was so much fun that day. Not sure why we took the picture. It was probably because others were taking pictures and we happened to be standing near each other.

It was two years before we decided to officially start dating.

We chatted on the phone a few times and talked about our lives and a bit of our separate stories. The biggest connection we had was spiritual. We met at church and connected over the discussion. I knew that I was not ready for a relationship and didn’t want to seriously entertain getting into one with him or anyone else.

He has been consistently smitten with me all along 😉😘

Over the next year and few months he was around. I saw him just about every week. He interacted with my friends, family, and children. I watched him watching me. I ignored him half the time and the other half I created situations to get to know him. He asked me out and occasionally I went as friends. He complimented me and made it known that he liked me a lot as time went on. I was still not ready and had a few hang-ups I needed to deal with. He remained consistent. I remained confident and spent time clearing my head space.

Finally I was ready but was he?

Doing the clearing work freed me to be open to the possibility of being in a relationship. I prayed about it and listened to the Spirit. I felt ready. In the meantime, my sweetie would tell me he was going to call me the next week. He didn’t and I got tired of hearing him say the same thing. Finally, I let him know that he could stop saying that because so far he hadn’t and probably wouldn’t. That exchange sparked something for him and he called. He hasn’t stopped calling and we have been slowly building our relationship. It has been quite a journey; a lot of give and take.

True Love Waits

If I had entertained dating him after our initial conversation things probably would be much different. Staying true to my heart and giving myself time to heal from past relationship made the difference. I determined that I would keep my feet on the ground though at times my head was in the clouds. Setting boundaries, being clear about who I am, and expecting nothing less than a quality relationship has sustained me. This relationship is not perfect. He’s not perfect. I’m not perfect. But the timing is perfect and we get to explore and grow together in love because we waited.

I wish you the best and hope you experience a relationship that is healthy and good, on your terms.

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