Today we celebrate the freedom of this great country, the United States of America! All this weekend we remember the sacrifice of freedom and the dignity we fought for against British rule.

The founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence that set forth the principle that all mankind are created equal and we have a right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Celebrate Our Place in Men’s Lives

Women, though not expressly included by gender in the declaration, are a part of mankind. Without us there would be no human race. It is through us that men are born. It is through us that men survive and thrive because we are the reason they fight for freedom.

Forgotten Worth Leads to Slavery

But women have forgotten their value and worth in our society. We have become prisoners and slaves to our fears and lusts. We have bought into the idea that we can be like men with all their competing, posturing, and testosterone.

In the process we have lost our angelic qualities in their eyes and they’ve begun treating us like one of the guys. We see the dark side of their characters, one that is usually only reserved for enemies. We have become the enemies and they seek to enslave us with abuse, neglect, and disrespect.

Found Worth Leads to Freedom

It doesn’t have to be that way though. We can reclaim our places and become what we are meant to be. Today is a great day to celebrate a new kind if freedom.

Today is the day to remember all the great things about being a woman and begin setting things right in our lives. We do not have to be subjected to abuse, neglect, and disrespect. We can have the love, attention, and respect we deserve by rethinking our position in this country and this world.

Don’t Copy Men, Celebrate Being Women

We do not have to become like men to be equal when being a woman is more important to shaping society. We do not have to wear the pants when a lovely skirt will do. We do not have to stoop to their level of base sensuality to get the love and attention we crave when we can have his adoration because we remain on a higher level.

We do not have to compete with other women for a piece of a man and be treated as a concession prize after “winning” him when we can position ourselves for men to compete against each other for just a smile from us.

Live as a Liberated Lady

Live as a Liberated Lady - No More CrumbsToday is a great day to drop the chains of insecurity, depression, and fear and take up the banner of self-confidence, joy, and courage to be a woman.

We don’t live in a man’s world but they live in ours. We set the rules and the standards, but we’ve been walking around like zombies trying to feed off the lies we’ve been told. Trust me, it’s not cute or worthy of all the beautiful women I see everyday.

We may not be able to reverse 40 years of misinformation but we can make the decision today to take the first step in becoming a woman who commands and receives love, attention, and respect!

No More Crumbs!!!