The walking wounded rarely get the man, the money, or the peace of mind they desire.
You’ve got to get your healing ladies if you want a great relationship. There is no way around it and there is nobody to blame but you!
I know what I’m talking about because I’ve been there. The good news is you can have it all if you will be wise enough to let go of the baggage and allow your wounds to heal.
Stop blaming him.
Stop hating the other woman.
Stop throwing pity parties and pull yourself together.
I’m not saying it will happen over night but if you will at least start and take one day at a time, the wounds will heal.
I love you too much to let you keep walking down this destructive path. You deserve so much better.
Lastly, for the sake of all that is decent and holy, stop consuming ratchet (aka Reality) TV. It is more damaging than you think.

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