I’m back with the third and final part of this article. In the first part I told you about a reader who was having a frustrating time with dating. I pointed out a couple of things she could change to have better results. In part two I went a little deeper into what else she might be doing to keep great guys at bay. Now in part three I will share where and how she can find the man of her dreams.

What if she looked around and started befriending people who need her love and support. What if she took her daughter to volunteer once a month at her favorite charity? What if she signed up for a sports league in her neighborhood? What if she offered her professional services to the local networking group?

In each one of these scenarios she could meet the man of her dreams. When she is open and receptive because she is opening her heart to causes, the right man will come into her life.

As a whole, single mom are probably worn out because they have to do it all. I know I am, but I’m learning to take care of myself and giving myself a break. I am focusing on what I want and not on what I don’t want; and guess what? I am getting more of what I want out of life.

This ability to focus does not happen overnight. We do not wake up one day and discover our lives have done a complete 180 degree turn. We usually begin to notice our frustrations and pain in life then begin to seek answers. In our search we may find the problem we thought we had is very different than the one we actually have.

The good news is we are very flexible and have the ability to change and reinvent our lives bit by bit each day.

So the woman who is frustrated about the lack of datable men and wants to find the perfect man may soon find her problems could disappear if she will only look a little deeper and re-focus her problems. Opening her heart to new opportunities in the areas of giving loving support, volunteering once a month, playing in the neighborhood sports league, or networking to share her professional skills will open the door to quality, datable men.

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