Your #smile is like water for a thirsty soul 😀.
It may also attract the perfect person for you so don’t leave home without it.
I’m not saying you have to walk around grinning like I am in the picture above, but at least have a pleasant look. Here’s a newsflash for you: If you are not feeling happy and peaceful this will be hard for you. When you are troubled by life it’s hard to smile or laugh. Ironically, smiling and laughing is good medicine for the soul and will lighten your emotional load.
Why are you having trouble smiling? What pain have you been through that makes you sad? Has the world broken your heart? I know how you feel because I was there. The smile on my face today was not always there. I frowned a lot and was troubled in my life. I could not see the goodness because everyone and everything seemed so terrible.
I had to shift my thinking about life. I had to do hard work to get to a place of peace. It was only then that I learned to smile, whether I had a man in my life or not. I found the happiness in my heart and prayed to God to help it grow.
Now I see the beauty in life. I feel the peace that I would not trade for a million dollars. I am genuinely happy, but it was hard work getting to this point. Though it was hard it was not impossible. I fought for this joy and you can have it too.
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With all the love I can hold for you,
Samantha Gregory
Relationship Coach & Author of No More Crumbs