Stop Giving Everything Away - No More Crumbs!Do you shower him with gifts and attention?

Do you bite your tongue because you are afraid to lose him?

Is sex the only relations you have?

Have you ever met his friends? his family?

You get the picture I hope? If you are giving your mind, body, and spirit away to a man who hasn’t proven he deserves it you are not behaving in a way that is befitting a liberated lady.

This is not about feminism or fighting for women’s rights. This is about tapping into your feminie power. This is about waking up to the truth behind your worth.

Stop drinking the Kool-aid and believing the lies. You do not have to give everything away to the guy you are with. You are allowed to hold back and let him do the work.

There has been a silent conspiracy to keep you deaf, dumb, and blind to your value…and it’s not just from men.