Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional ~haruki murakami

I was reading a message on a divorce forum from a woman who was about to be Pain is inevitable but misery is optional - No More Crumbs!divorced. She commiserated that her life was going to be miserable and she would have to go home and sleep alone night after night.

Other women (and a few men) chimed in to help her in her misery. I tried not to be disgusted by this display because I have to remember that I’ve felt this way before. Feeling the pain of loneliness feels inevitable after divorce but we don’t have to give into misery and wallow in pain.

We control what happens to us. We decide to be miserable and blaming or content and responsible. Giving our power away does not help us, but puts us under the control of someone who is long gone and probably not thinking about us anymore.

Take your power and be a big girl. Decide to be happy and live life to the fullest. When you meet a guy, date a guy, or get into a relationship with a guy be yourself. The real you. The in control of yourself, you. Stop giving your power away and being miserable. Okay?!?!